Get the relief you need when you need it.

Take control of your migraines and tension headaches with Migraguard.

Stop migraines before they start

Putting pause on life—again?

You’re so over it.

You could practically open your own pharmacy with all the treatments you’ve tried.

Prescription medications take the edge off pain, but make you feel so tired, you end up spending the day in bed anyway.

You’re on the hunt for a safe, effective treatment that lets you go about your day and do everything you need to do.

You know, feel like a human. And do human things.

Migraguard’s quadruple action formula helps you do it all

Okay, it can’t run your errands, or cook dinner for the kids, but it can make it easier when you’ve got that eye twitch or aura thing again.


Our time-tested formula gives you soothing relief in a matter of minutes, not hours.


Put it in your purse, desk, or car—so you’ve always got on-the-go relief.


Made with 100% Therapeutic Grade All Natural ingredients, Migraguard won’t make you sleepy.

Here's How it Works

Reliable relief without a whole bunch of chemicals you’ve got to Google?

Yeah, we know it sounds like a stretch.​

But it’s not magic, it’s science.

Migraguard’s quadruple-action formula starts working immediately, as molecules of the therapeutic grade essential oils interact with nerve cells directly connected to your limbic system.

In just a few minutes, your body absorbs a portion of Migraguard’s active essential oils, which have anti-inflammatory and analgesic (anti-pain) properties.

Migraguard’s steam-distilled formula does more than give you a cool tingling sensation. It takes over nerve pathways, blocking those head-pounding pain signals.

I can't give this product enough stars! A friend suggested I try Migraguard -  I rolled it on to my forehead, temples & neck and within minutes could feel it working.  If you suffer from migraines, you definitely owe it to yourself to give it a try. 

Formulated for Effectiveness

Because we know what it’s like to put life on hold for a headache.

100% Therapeutic Grade Formula

GCSM Tested for purity

Metal roller for smooth application

No fillers or adulterants

All Natural ingredients

Steam-distilled at the source for maximum potency

A non-drowsy, all natural tool to make yourself comfortable . . . anywhere . . . anytime.

Alleviate nausea and muscle tension with peppermint’s anti-inflammatory and analgesic (anti-pain) properties.

Ease that overactive migraine brain with the calming properties of lavender.

Hit nausea and muscle tension even harder with the 1-2 punch of peppermint + spearmint.

Sooth anxiety, reduce inflammation and alleviate muscle tension with Roman Chamomile, a centuries-old reliever.

To maintain potency & shelf-life of our steam-distilled essential oils, we’ve combined them with 100% natural coconut oil.

This product is a lifesaver! The first time I tried Migraguard I was blown away with just how great it worked. Best of all, its ingredients are all natural and pure. Now, I keep a bottle with me wherever I go.  

Easy, safe relief . . . at no risk to you

You can’t control when the next migraine strikes, but you can control how you treat it.

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