We know what it’s like to put your life on hold.

Dark rooms. Cold compresses. Prescription Meds.

Yep, we’ve been there. Done ALL of that.

And still struggled to find consistent relief that didn’t knock us out for six.

In the age of smartphones and intergalactic satellites, we wondered:

How could it be so hard to find reliable relief for something as common as a headache?


Just experimenting with the sheer number of remedies made our heads hurt.


So, after years of suffering, experimenting and struggling we decided to do something about it . . .

We took a look at everything that seemed to work, and what didn’t.


Then engineered our own solution after consulting with experts and using only the best ingredients.


The result?


Well, we call it Migraguard. You’ll call it relief-on-the-go.

We won’t tell you it’s a cure-all migraine elixir for the ages.


Or that you’ll never need prescription medication again.


Transparency is important to us—why else go to all the trouble of finding the purest oils and a proven process for steam-distilling them?


But, we WILL say it’s worked for us. And a whole lot of other people.


Ready to find out if it works for you?


We thought so.


Here’s to living pain free on your own terms,


Jon & Melody 

Founders of Migraguard

Five Soothing Ways to Ease Your Headache

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